Roe v. Wade - Dox the Supreme Court


I’ve decided that this post is worth pinning for a while. How long? To be determined.

I think these dickheads want some pro-choice Christmas Carols sung in front of their doorsteps.


I’m not responsible if the addresses listed are incorrect. Shitty right-wing nutjob dickfaces tend to spread misinformation wherever they can. Plus, people who are awful dickheads like these SCOTUS pieces of shit, they tend to move because they rightfully attract a lot of negative attention. Fuck these fuckers.

Trugreen Chemlawn Complete Is Trash

If you ever decide to “improve” your lawn and sign up to Trugreen Chemlawn Complete you can pretty much count on this being the result after four months: Just look at that beautiful series of images. Man, they really demonstrated the “Tailored Solutions” and “Science-Driven Expertise”, don’t you think? But they’ll take you for thousands of dollars to do nothing. The proof is in the images. They come out seemingly all the time and yet nothing improves.


I’m sitting here, contemplating what exactly I need to write. I need to write. I need to sort things and explain things and produce things, I need my mind to bear fruit. I’m just at an impasse with what the hell I need to say. I do sometimes feel like I’ve already said everything, but I’m also keenly aware of the fact that my life is nowhere near any sort of end.


It’s cold outside again. Especially here in the rust belt, where the weather is dumb as shit. Man, I’m really just goddamned exhausted. Does this capitalism thing ever slow the fuck down? I’m feeling pretty tired. I think it’s time for it to slow the fuck down. I’m glad that I have this space to throw down anything I feel like saying. I’m grateful that I’ve eked out such a space for myself.


I keep thinking about Putin’s threats to use nuclear weapons, and how it sets us back fifty years. This fascist moron seriously thinks clinging desperately to power is a good strategy, which I guess makes sense for a former KGB agent. God knows the intelligence community is batshit insane. It doesn’t matter if they’re CIA, NSA, MI-6, KGB, everyone in the intelligence community is a fucking psychopath. It’s a requirement for service, in case you didn’t know.


I feel so oblivious right now. I’ve been feeling the strain from all the business travel I’ve been doing for the year, but I guess I’ve only been feeling without realizing just how insane it’s been. Point in fact, I’ve been going hard since February, apparently. I only know this because I went back and checked records. But my work travel has been much higher than it’s ever supposed to have been.

David Cash: the Bad Samaritan

In my travails across the internet, I’ve stumbled upon quite a few interesting true crime stories, and truly some of the most depraved acts one human can commit against another human. But this post is different. This post isn’t about a sociopathic murderer. This post is about a sociopathic accomplice to murder who was given the name “David Cash” at birth. In 1998, David Cash watched his friend Jeremy Strohmeyer rape and murder seven year old Sherrice Iverson.

Fucking Indiana

I spent the last couple days in Indiana for a family event. The event itself was nice, but it’s impossible to dive into any part of the state of Indiana and ignore the depressing environs engulfing you. The religious zealots have set aside Indiana as one of their “safe spaces”. It’s acceptable to be a hypocritical piece of shit in Indiana, if not encouraged. Now, I won’t say all hoosiers, because generalizations aren’t my thing.

Cult 45

I’ve been thinking about my fake Christian family a good amount recently. They embody what the MAGA movement means nearly to the finest detail. They’re poor, anti-intellectual, uneducated, faux-spiritual, fake ass, deceptive, and a wholly unreliable lot. I’m not so much talking about my mom’s side of my family, but my dad’s side of my family. They’re the faux Christians who want to judge everyone and not be judged. The people who are furthest from “Christ-like” yet are loudest about how much they love Jesus.

Stable Diffusion

I’ve been fucking around with Stable Diffusion lately and I figured I’d upload some of the weird shit I’ve been forcing it to make, probably against it’s will.


I could watch her sleep all day. Her pretty eyes fluttering from whatever dreams stop by, her cute nose, deliciously juicy lips- She’s my person. She’s my warmth, my haven, wherever she is will be my sanctuary for the rest of my days. Around her I am myself, I’m not any half-truth of myself or censored artifact but my actual self, and she still loves me. To have that so completely with someone I love so much is something I’ve never experienced before.

All Cops Are Bastards

This pretty well sums up how the CIA has pretty much dictated Hollywood portrayals of police and the legal system since they first began this endeavor with “Mockingbird”. All cops are bastards. I say that decisively and without hesitation, because it’s true. People who want to be cops are bastards, so how could the police force avoid being infiltrated by bastards? Now, I can’t claim that the law enforcement situation is the same in every country, it absolutely isn’t.

I Offend Most

It really does seem that way sometimes. I get the impression from many people that I conduct myself offensively, and I think to a large degree they’re mostly correct. I do eschew some societal standards for either the sake of brevity or just laziness. I don’t have a twitter or facebook account. I don’t have many, if any, social media accounts. This is as social as I get, and honestly I hope to keep this away from most people I encounter on a daily basis.

Society is Upside Down

Have you ever wondered why society is the way it is? Why we have millionaires and billionaires telling us that police are more important than ensuring all of our neighbors are able to sustain themselves? Human nature is so corrupt and fucked for the first instinct to be to fuck over other humans to gain an advantage. Yet that’s what we do at every turn. Instead of allowing wealth to be distributed more evenly the wealthiest will dump far more cash into ensuring that there are “have-nots” than anything else.

Lindsey Graham Needs to Just Die Already

Lindsey Graham needs to just die already. Once these assholes die, hopefully their children won’t be so fucking awful, and society can get better over time. But for real, this piece of shit is beyond redemption and the only way he can improve society is by a swift exit to the ethereal plane.


I caught the coof. God dammit. Again. It’s goddamned horrible. I’m not a fan, do not recommend. Don’t have “COVID parties”, don’t intentionally try to catch this thing, you’re gonna get it over and over eventually. Just avoid it. And all you superdodgers out there better count your lucky fucking stars that you don’t go through this shit, because it’s unfortunate to say the least. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this yet, but I treat this blog as my sort of social media.

They Stole Our Dislike Button and Now We're Confused

It’s funny to me that Google has decided Youtube is best served by removing the dislike button. Google doesn’t seem to realize they always had access to a better option, a more future-proof one. Google should actually have pulled what Facebook tried to, enforcing a “no pseudonym” rule aside from on a case by case basis. It would’ve been easier to implement that than basically ruin Youtube as a service, which was the road they actually took.

To Whit

Man, we’ve been watching this series called “Sister Wives” where these goofy ass motherfuckers go out in the world seeking extra partners when they’re already paired up. It’s a whole ass thing, man. Like, seriously. You’ve got this creepy serial-killer looking motherfucker, “Garrick Merrifield”, acting the part completely. He’s a total manipulative narcissist, controlling his wife Danielle and seemingly brainwashing her across like three seasons. But what creeps me out is that she seems to carve herself a spot in the fucked up triad that inevitably ends up toxic and awful.